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We flail about, tossing and turning, wrestling and hypothesizing, pacing and posing until the moment where we finally give up and return to the contemplative experience of futility in trying to speed up the waiting process. And we try to be still and hope that He is God. He is not in a reactionary position to the events of the world, or even us for that matter. His timing is perfect in his omnipotence and omnipresence.

He is sovereign over all things; even in our waiting. He is neither early nor late. His grace comes not too soon, nor past the point of need. The waiting is ended by the exact moment for the good of his purpose, and his results quickly come to fruition. But when his timing is perfect he is quick to act. Waiting is a pivotal part of God acting in the lives of his people. In the waiting we are stripped of our ideas of power in and of ourselves.

Taking Action vs Waiting: Achieving Our Goals, Hopes, and Dreams

We become utterly aware of our true dependence upon the Almighty. We cry, we praise, we hope, we pray — we allow the Father to cradle us in his arms as we listen to his voice. And then he speaks… and change comes like the daybreak. Peace comes like an overwhelming flood. The heavens part, the temple shroud rips from top to bottom and the fountains of the deep break open. In the perfect moment of all circumstance, his provision is revealed and his power is illuminated.

This is a recurring experience in the life of Joseph. Had the Lord taken Joseph from the pit to the palace he would have been early for the effectiveness of his use in his position. The timing was perfect for the preservation of people in regards to the famine that would come to the land. Joseph waited two years after he interpreted the dreams of the butler and the cook, for the God to bring the dream of famine to the Pharaoh and for the butler to remember him.

But in that moment, he was elevated from prison to the high court of Pharaoh, charged with the responsibility of provision for the entire nation. In the waiting Joseph was faithful, trusting in the provision of the Father. He continued to seek the Lord and rely on his preservation and sustenance; and God was faithful. He knew joy after more than twenty years of waiting for reunification with his family.

Though they feared his vengeance, he welcomed them with the knowledge of the purpose of God through their intention to bring harm. His timing is perfect. He is never late. He is never early.

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He keeps all the balls in the air and aligns them at the exact time for the fulfillment of his purpose. When we find Him and relinquish our demands to his perfect timing, we know the peace of his preservation and the trust of his precise endowment of grace. Bosna i Hercegovina - Hrvatski. Canada - English. Crna Gora - Srpski.

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