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General public. Guidance for everyone. For animal owners. Guidance for pet owners. For general practice.

Antimicrobial use and antimicrobial resistance pet owner FAQ

Guidance for GPs and primary health care professionals. For hospitals. Guidance for health professionals and hospital employees. For aged care.

Guidance for health professionals and aged care employees. For pharmacy. Guidance for pharmacists and pharmacy employees.

For veterinary practice. Guidance for veterinarians and veterinary practice employees. For agriculture and industry.

Why is antimicrobial resistance a global concern?

Guidance for farmers and workers in the agricultural industry. How Australians can reduce antibiotic resistance. Major research projects to better understand AMR in residential aged care facilities announced. More news.

Mechanisms of bacterial resistance to antibiotics.

AMR resources. Popular resources. Antibiotic-resistant AR bacteria are a global threat, and can be acquired early on in life. Here, Casaburi et al. Read More. Authors: Victoria A.

About antimicrobial resistance (AMR)

Janes, Daan W. Notermans, Ingrid J. Spijkerman, Caroline E. Visser, Marja E. Jakobs, Robin van Houdt, Rob J. Willems, Menno D. Authors: E.

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View all articles. Authors: Lindsay E Nicolle. Authors: John M. Most accessed articles RSS. Here, we compile some handy tips for the community, from early-career researchers to clinicians on peer review. Assessment by expert peers improves the quality of manuscripts and provides a level of control in scientific communication. We've put together a short guide Read more.

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