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Prepare for a career in the biology and biotechnology field. Program Overview. As a student in the biology and biotechnology program at Endicott, you'll receive cutting-edge technical training in courses and laboratory sessions that, together, provide knowledge and methodological skills in areas like: Genomics Bioethics Molecular Biology Bioinformatics.

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Discoveries and applications related to biotechnology present a multitude of career opportunities in fields such as: Biotechnology Pharmaceuticals Research and Development Health Food and Nutrition Energy Endicott's biology and biotechnology program also offers a concentration in secondary education. Toggle navigation. Red Blue Pink Green Orange.

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Program Objectives Develop proficiency of basic concepts in cellular and molecular biology, ecology and environmental sciences, and general biology. Foster teamwork and improve oral and communication skills. Foster a student-oriented research program that results in professional publications.

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Molecular genetics and biotechnology

Embrace student-oriented teaching methods that nurture critical thinking abilities and apply their knowledge to solve theoretical and empirical real-life problems. Prepare students for future job market and careers. Manage and analyze data stored in databases, familiarize with various bioinformatics analysis tools available to analyze biological data. Work independently or in a team on complex project that requires multidisciplinary collaboration Communicate scientific results to both experts and general audience through writing structured reports and contributions for scientific publications and posters, and by oral presentations.

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Genetics of Sex Differences People Research projects Evolutionary diversification and the genetics of speciation Evolution of sex chromosomes Female-limited X-chromosome evolution in Drosophila Genotype-by-environment effects on sperm traits Intralocus sexual conflict in a hermaphrodite Genetics: Telomeres and Telomerase People Molecular genetics of telomeres and telomerase Life History and Functional Ecology People Research projects Body temperature regulation Effects of telomere dynamics and telomerase activity on life history tradeoffs Energetic adaptations in wintering passerines Immune function as a driver of variation in stopover ecology and behaviour Immune function as physiological mechanism of carry-over effects Incubation and embryo development Life history of owls Maternal effects Metabolic constraints on the evolution of life history strategies Partial migration in blue tits Should I stay or should I go?

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