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This is because of the factorial expansion of the orders in which the player may solve the puzzles.

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The Day of the Tentacle addresses this problem by isolating the narrative sub-plots into almost totally distinct puzzle trees. We can see this very clearly by organizing the puzzle dependency graph into groups based on the downstream goal. This graph shows this. The non-linear branching of puzzles in The Day of the Tentacle aligns closely with the major sub-plots of the game.

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  • Local Structure from Diffraction: Proc. Traverse City, Michigan, August 10-13, 1997.
  • Only a single cross dependency exists between groups. There is only one puzzle which has a dependency outside its group. There are more of these gates internal to each story tree which we will explore below. The fact that the game is broken up into these three siloed sub-plots is completely masked by the character switching dynamic.

    Since all of the sub-plots require extensive cooperation between characters it never feels like you are working on an isolated puzzle group. Also, given the vast number of orders in which the puzzles can be solved, the player is very unlikely to resolve one plot completely before even starting another one anyway. This is great for the player experience as they are free to make progress on all three sub-goals at any time. So if it is not noticeable to the player what is the point of keeping these puzzles all in their own sub-graphs?

    With 13 puzzles in the fourth layer there are over 6 billion possible orders in which the player may solve them. To attempt to turn each order into a coherent story is obviously impossible.

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    The solution The Day of the Tentacle takes is to isolate the subplots and then even further divide them into very small sub-trees which are able to be solved essentially linearly. Sub-dividing the puzzles is only part of the equation, however.

    So we can see that two design choices were made. Purple tentacle drinks toxic sludge, turns mutant and decides to take over the world. So Dr. Fred ties up the tentacles in his secret lab and is planning to kill them both.

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    After arriving at the house the kids split up. Bernard discovers the secret lab and releases the tentacles at which point Dr. Fred shows up and reminds Bernard that Purple Tentacle is incredibly evil and is planning on taking over the world. The only hope is to turn off the sludge-o-matic yesterday by using the time machine. Bernard ends up back in the present, Hoagie goes years in the past and Laverne is years in the future. Now the goal shifts to rescuing the two friends. With instructions from Dr. Fred Bernard realizes he must get a real diamond to use in the time machine and figure out a way for Hoagie and Laverne to plug in their Chron-o-Johns.

    Since Hoagie is years in the past the only way for him to do that is to use Dr. Fred flushes the plans for the battery down the Chron-o-John which sends them through time to Hoagie. Areas with a more dense cover of spruce support species such as Labrador tea, three-seeded sedge, tussock cotton-grass, and three-leaved Solomon's-seal. The acre Clear Lake is a seepage lake containing very soft-water.

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    Adjacent to the lake is a boggy, sphagnum lawn that features pitcher plant, arrow-grass, round-leaved sundew, and a rare orchid. Near the southern upland border, tamarack is much more dominant than spruce and is associated with alder, northern blue-flag iris, and mountain holly. The western-most section contains a gently sloping sandy peninsula that supports a dry-mesic forest dominated by red pine, red oak, and white pine.

    The moderately dense shrub layer is comprised primarily of beaked hazelnut. The low shrub and herbaceous layer includes early low blueberry, pipsissewa, bracken fern, Canada mayflower, American starflower, and running club-moss. Uncommon plants are early coralroot and false beech-drops. Of note are two undeveloped waterbodies that support numerous rare plants. A acre seepage lake Swanson Lake contains extremely soft-water that supports a unique plant assemblage that is specially adapted to the infertile water.

    Plants include water lobelia, resupinate bladderwort, and lake quill-wort. The smaller acre bog pond and wetlands supports rare plants such as hidden-fruited bladderwort and Farwell's milfoil. Avifauna includes palm warbler, black-throated green warbler, pine warbler, hermit thrush, ovenbird, winter wren, sedge wren, Lincoln's sparrow, and northern harrier.

    From McNaughton, go east on Bridge Road 0. Park and walk northeast into the site. The DNR's state natural areas program is comprised of lands owned by the state, private conservation organizations, municipalities, other governmental agencies, educational institutions and private individuals. While the majority of SNAs are open to the public, access may vary according to individual ownership policies. Public use restrictions may apply due to public safety, or to protect endangered or threatened species or unique natural features. Lands may be temporarily closed due to specific management activities.

    Users are encouraged to contact the landowner for more specific details. The data shown on these maps have been obtained from various sources, and are of varying age, reliability, and resolution. The data may contain errors or omissions and should not be interpreted as a legal representation of legal ownership boundaries.

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    Very few State Natural Areas have public facilities, but nearly all are open for a variety of recreational activities as indicated below. Generally, there are no picnic areas, restrooms, or other developments. Parking lots or designated parking areas are noted on individual SNA pages and maps. Trails, if present, are typically undesignated footpaths.

    The good majority of SNAs are isolated and have few or no facilities. Love you buddy! How do you get bullet casings? Personally I love to shoot guns! Just go to your local shooting range and collect ones off the ground or ask for some. So just be courteous and you can get a lot for free! I found that the brass makes a lovely sound clinking together. This is how I made my wind chime.