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Mechanical Engineering: Ch 10: Forces on Cables (8 of 33) Concentrated Load: Example (Part 1)

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Views Total views. There are one 2-hour mid-term exam week 6 and one 2-hour final exam week The exams are closed-book and closed-notes. Required equations and a materials properties table will be provided.

Both mid-term and Final exams are compulsory. Any other situation will be treated as case-by-case basis. Requests for re-grading of tests and exams would be accepted within one week after the answer scripts are handed out.

A Tutorial for Creating and Analyzing Cables?

During re-grading, the whole answer script will be reviewed, not just the particular question queried by the student. The final grade may improve or worsen after complete review.

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There are several types of assignments for this course. They include graded in-class worksheets and graded problem sets. There will be worksheets for some cohort classroom lessons. Worksheets are designed to help you understand and apply concepts that you have learnt in class. Students are expected to print out the worksheets for every class.

Where worksheets are to be submitted, students have the responsibility to hand-in their work on time.

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Due dates will be provided on the worksheets. There is one set of homework problem sets each week. All problem sets are to be submitted on a specified day in the following week by noon. Students hold the responsibility to print a copy of the problem sets, attempt the questions on their own and submit their work on time.

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