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And, he truly does love his girlfriend, although he doesn't know how to express it. You'll love Willis Gidney. You'll root for him, and you will appreciate the fact that he realizes his own weaknesses and addresses them with humor. Willis Gidney, the boy who grew up without parents or a home. He never had a family, and yearned so much for love and his own family.

Steal the Show breaks your heart for Gidney, a lonely man who tries so hard, but doesn't know how to express his feelings. Kaufman throws everything but the kitchen sink at poor Willis to see if he'll break, in a complex, fascinating story. And, even when Kaufman allows Willis one good, happy moment, it's overshadowed by a threat from the past. Darn that Thomas Kaufman. Steal the Show isn't enough torment for Willis. There are promises of more in store.

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You can be sure the next book will once again tear at Willis Gidney, and tear at the reader. Steal the Show by Thomas Kaufman. Martin's Press. ISBN hardcover , p.

The narrative is laden with Gidney's clever, sardonic views, which make him even more likable. Gidney's friends also make a compelling cast of characters.

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Apr 01, Giovanni Gelati rated it it was amazing. He was nice enough to friend me and I thought, hey why not give his book a try. Kaufman intrigued me. I got my hands on it went for a wild ride. I had the chance to encounter Kaufman. Here are a few words on how he writes and where he gets his ideas. Where do you get your ideas? No, Tea has too much humor to be considered noir. So what inspired you? I was in a restaurant with two friends, one of them was a young professional Latina women.

It was a Mexican place, and the waitress was Latina. The professional woman was quite mean to the waitress though the waitress had done nothing wrong. I guess that started me thinking. That was it? That was the basis of a novel?

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No, but it was one of the incidents that got me to thinking of different characters and how an incident like that could prove important in a story. I recommend Tea. Gidney as the main character is a great type of Private Eye. The book is a quick read that is enjoyable and rewarding.

Willis, ever the wise guy, peppers us with dialogue like it streams from an Uzi, full blast. Quick witted, full of heart, give it a go. What are you reading today? Check us out on Facebook, Goodreads; follow us on Twitter and Linkedin. Willis Gidney is a private investigator.

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If you had told Gidney that he would some day become a PI, he would have laughed in your face. Gidney came from the streets of Washington; D.

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Gidney was a con artist and liar. Captain Davies helped show Gidney the straight and narrow path. Of course, you can never truly rid Gidney of his old ways. Steps Jackson is a famous Jazz saxophonist. Steps asks Gidney to locate his daughter.

This case will take Gidney to the dangerous and seedy underbelly of the streets of Washington, D. Kaufman is an Emmy award winning movie director and cameraman. I could see why Mr. Kaufman is at the top of his game. It showed in his debut novel…Drink the Tea. The characters were not just one-dimensional, which made me engaged in the story more. I really liked Willis. He had this rough edge to him from his days on the streets but he also had brain smarts as well.

Kaufman through out some well placed twists in this plot. I was only about a third of the way into this book when I encountered the first surprise. I am not giving anything away, so if you want to know what it is, then you will just have to pick up a copy of this book for your self. Aug 22, Michael rated it really liked it Shelves: crime-fiction.

Thomas Kaufman has created an interesting detective. Willis Gidney grew up on the hard streets of Washington DC.

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He didn't have many good influences on him, but he did okay for himself. He works part time at polka record store while trying to get his PI career off the ground. Most of his cases have been spying on cheating husbands so far. He just needs one big case to bust him out of his life. Steps Jackson's case should have been anything but that. Jackson just found out that he might have a da Thomas Kaufman has created an interesting detective. Jackson just found out that he might have a daughter, Bobbie Jackson. He's never met his kid and it's been 20 some years.

Steps didn't even know he had a daughter until recently. Step Jackson decides to ask his friend Willis Gidney to help him out.

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  • Little did either know all the insanity that would come out of looking for Bobbie Jackson. This is a fun mystery. Every time you find out a little more about Willis or Bobbie the whole book takes a turn. You're in a totally new situation and not sure what to think. Willis is confused by everything too. This was supposed to be a little missing person's case, not something that went into the government and its senators.