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Focus on getting your army up.


You should be able to push without too much problem once your army is around eighty supply. Remember that if you want to do the side mission, you need to go to both sides of the fortress.

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At the end of the mission some drop pods with marines will come down, but they should not prove to be any resistance. Toggle navigation. Old Soldiers.

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Calls by campaigners, MPs and others to raise the age of enlistment to 18, in line with the vast majority of other countries the UK is the only country in Europe or Nato to accept year-olds , have been ignored before. This is not kneejerk anti-militarism or liberal squeamishness. When the age at which young people are allowed to leave school or training was raised to 18 in , boosting the number of teenage army recruits was not what MPs or voters had in mind. Given that they are disproportionately drawn from social groups and areas of the country with higher than average levels of illness and unemployment, and lower than average educational attainment, this may not be particularly surprising.

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For some older teenagers, a career or at least a first job in the armed forces may be suitable, desirable, or simply the best opportunity available to them. Even since the huge recent expansion of higher education, the path through A-levels to university is not for everyone. In part because of the disproportionate emphasis in British public life on elite universities, our record on technical and skills education is poor — particularly compared with some of our European neighbours.

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