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Co-authors Hassan Zedan Professor of Math. Articles Cited by Co-authors. Functional Analysis and Its Applications 44 3 , , Journal of Mathematical Physics, Analysis, Geometry 9 2 , — , Journal of Mathematical Physics, Analysis, Geometry 6 4 , , Azerbaijan Journal of Mathematics 1 1 , , Siberian Mathematical Journal 53 6 , — , Theoretical and Mathematical Physics 2 , , The Works of the Institute Mat.

Journal of Mathematical Physics, Analysis, Geometry 2 1 , 87—93 , Mechanics AS Azerbaijan 7 15 , , National Center for Biotechnology Information , U. Sponsored Document from. Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications. J Math Anal Appl. Author information Article notes Copyright and License information Disclaimer.

Received Jul Abstract We study existence, uniqueness, and distributional aspects of generalized solutions to the Cauchy problem for first-order symmetric or Hermitian hyperbolic systems of partial differential equations with Colombeau generalized functions as coefficients and data. Keywords: Generalized functions, Generalized solutions to hyperbolic systems.

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Notes Submitted by R. References 1.

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6. Time Evolution and the Schrödinger Equation

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Google Scholar. Nova Science Publishers, New York; Efendiev RF: Spectral analysis for one class of second-order indefinite non-self-adjoint differential operator pencil. SSR Dokl. Personalised recommendations.

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