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The Main purpose of this project is to apply the concept of spacecraft design and to get experience in practical construction of the design through this work, the design of MAEU Can Satellite. The minimal volume of the Can Sat will be fit all of the subsystems including power, sensors and communication systems.

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The structural subsystem of the Can Sat will provide all components to have more enough space. Communication and Data Handling system in Can Sat have a processing unit that will handle all the real time operations of the Can Sat and provide data interfaces to all other systems. Its main purpose is transmitting housekeeping and mission data from Can Sat to ground station.

In order to perform the final operation safety, the recovery system which includes a parachute giving a constant descent rate of the Can Sat , will be provided to withstand the impact load. The main aim of the project is to initiate and promote the practical application of space systems engineering in Myanmar through designing, fabrication, construction and making test operation of a Can Satellite in student project level. It is designed to provide training about basic satellite engineering and technology.

The miniature satellite includes all the subsystems that are similar to the real satellite. The learner can acquire basic satellite engineering using iCanSat which includes knowledge about system engineering, on-board computer OBC , sensors , actuators, assembly, integration and testing AIT and project management. Degrees Offered The degrees offered by this department are: 1. E Aerospace-Space Systems Engineering 2.

D Degree holders 6 M. Aung Ko Wynn M. E Fluid Mechanics China, Ph.

MIT AeroAstro - Space Systems Laboratory - Building Systems for Space from Design to Operation

Thu Thu Aung M. Kyawt Kay Khaing M.

Career Opportunities

Shwe Sin Oo M. Ei Ei Khine 2 M.

Program Requirements

Ei Ei Khine 1 M. The experiment topics which can be investigated using the CE include, 1. Heat transfer 2.

The experiments consider stability, frequency response etc. Used of Feed forward control 5. Thermal inertia and variable time-constants 6. Multi-function control —up to three variables to be monitored and individually controlled.

Space-based solar power

Centrifugal fans are usually employed for ventilating duties. Thermal Radiation Units The WL Thermal Radiation Unit is intended for the investigation of radiation laws using thermal and optical radiation as examples. The following topics can be addressed with the unit: 1. EiEiKhine Project Team 1. Our processors have flown on dozens of space missions without an on-orbit failure. Also, we are involved in the development of lighter-than-air autonomous vehicles for military and scientific applications, as well as industrial process instrumentation.

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