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The workshop attracted more than 20 paper submissions and 6 top papers were carefully selected based on peer-review feedbacks. Workshop attendance exceeded 50 participants. He has also served as TPC members at various international conferences and served in editorial advisory board for multiple books and journals. Min Kyung An received her B. She received M. An's major research areas include wireless ad hoc and sensor networks focusing on routing protocols and security, design and analysis of approximation algorithms, graph theory, and program analysis.

Wireless Sensor Networks WSNs consist of sensor devices, also called wireless sensor nodes, deployed on sensing fields. Such capabilities have found applications in various areas including health for example to monitor disabled patients , military for computing, command, surveillance, targeting systems, communication , among others.

Along with WSNs, networks of mobile devices laptops, smartphones, etc. Although there is no fixed infrastructure in such networks as the devices are free to join or leave the networks and move independently, they provide necessary functionalities for the networks using their capabilities to organize themselves dynamically without any central administrations.

SPFMSNET , aptly named for its goal, is a full-day research workshop organized with the objective of bringing together researchers working on the security and forensic aspects of the intersection of Wireless Sensor Networks and Mobile Ad Hoc Networks.

1. Introduction

This proposed workshop well fits into the main theme of IEEE GLOBECOM by providing the important yet complementary security and forensics aspects to ad-hoc and sensor networks, which is one of the twelve symposia of the main conference. We highly encourage novel and innovative previously unpublished work. Shandilya, and Q. Camerer, T. Ho, and J. Leyton-Brown and Y.

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